Snoring is the result of air flowing past relaxed tissue in the throat. These tissues then vibrate as you breathe. This happens pretty much on the regular to pretty much everyone. The severity is what differs between snorers.

Almost 40 million Americans snore. Men and the overweight are the most likely to snore. Snoring is a deterrent to peaceful rest. It can affect your energy, leaving you tired and unable to fully focus.

The first step to minimized snoring and better sleep is understanding why you snore. What follows are common causes for snoring and a few sound ideas for managing it, including use of a snoring app android.

Most Common Reasons for Snoring

Throat and Nose Conditions

Ailments in the nose and throat contribute to snoring. There’s deviated septums, enlarged tonsils, nasal polyps and adenoids. Seasonal allergies and nasty colds can result in snoring as well.

Sufferers May Be Older

As we age, sleep habits change. You may find it taking longer to go to sleep. Rest doesn’t seem as restorative as it was once upon a day. Snoring can come with aging. Our tongue and throat muscles may relax more during sleep. This can intensify the vibration we mentioned earlier which leads to snoring.

Sleeping Styles

Many partners are aware that simply getting a partner to change positions will stop or at least soften snoring. Usually, this entails getting the snorer off their back and onto their side or stomach. This is referred to as ‘side dependent snoring.’ With practice, a snorer can train themselves to sleep in a position that reduces snoring.

Alcohol Consumption

Indulging in the spirits plays a role in snoring. Alcohol is a muscle relaxant, a strong one. (In this regard, if you take muscle relaxants to help you sleep, it can promote snoring.) Alcohol slackens throat areas, resulting in vibrating as you breathe.

Excessive Weight

Too many pounds and especially obesity are risk factors for a variety of health issues but they definitely increase the chance of snoring. Size influences muscle tone. It increases tissue around the neck and throat. As we sleep, interference in that area is a straight path to disruptive snoring.

When Should I See a Doctor?

Here are symptoms to look for that signal there’s a serious problem. In these cases, you should see your doctor.

  • Very loud snoring
  • Waking at unusual times
  • Being awakened abruptly with a dry throat
  • Mood swings as a result of fatigue
  • Ongoing insomnia
  • Feeling chronically tired every day
  • Experiencing pain when trying to sleep
  • Choking or gasping continually while sleeping

Is There Anything I Can Do Before Seeing a Doctor?

There are some things you can do to tackle snoring and getting better rest. You do need a solid understanding of what causes your snoring to effectively manage it.


One solution for snoring is a CPAP device. This is being widely used. It’s also become a common treatment for sleep apnea.

CPAP uses pressurized air to clear your airway. It prevents collapsing when throat muscles relax as you sleep. With that, vibration is eliminated and so is snoring.

Dental Plates

Dental plates are placed in the mouth before going to bed. They keep the lower jaw and tongue in a position that opens airways and prevents airflow restriction.

Snoring App Android

An anti-snoring android app records your sleeping and can provide data. It’s best if the sleep area is isolated so the device doesn’t pick up other noises. Some recognize noise levels and, if snoring registers, will let loose a sound that prompts changing sleep positions. This may be the sound of a pesky mosquito.

It’s add-ons like that which make these apps worth checking out. They monitor sleep indicators and how your habits affect rest quality. Some measure frequency and severity of snoring. This can warn you of sleep apnea threats and guide you to proper solutions like therapy. Snoring is often linked to the cardiovascular system. A snoring app android can track electrical activity in the heart.

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