Smart Nora Review

Smart Nora
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Have you been reading Smart Nora Reviews to try and find out whether this premium snoring solution is right for you? The information in this article will help you determine if this device suits your preferences and circumstances.

What is Smart Nora?

Smart Nora is a device that aims to reduce snoring by gently moving the position of your head when it detects snoring sounds.

The Smart Nora device consists of three sections:

  • The expandable pillow insert
  • The pump
  • The pebble

The active part of the Smart Nora is the expander, which goes inside your pillow. When the pebble activates it, the expander gently inflates to a maximum of about 4 inches. This inflation tilts the sleeper’s head and stimulates the throat muscles, thereby reducing the volume and frequency of snoring.

One advantage of the Smart Nora system is its simplicity. Unlike many other snoring solutions, there’s no app to download. Instead, the pebble connects to the pump through Bluetooth and tells it to pump air to the pillow insert, which inflates and deflates over a period of about three minutes.

Smart Nora Features

This device is also notable for its near-universal adaptability. Because it slides into the pillow you already have, the Smart Nora can be used by back, side, and stomach sleepers. Unlike intrusive masks, the device reduces snoring through external means only.

Smart Nora comes with a few extra features that allow you to customize it to your preferences and routine.


Smart Nora’s pebble can be adjusted to have a high, medium, or low sensitivity. On a low sensitivity, the device will not activate until it detects fairly loud snoring. This option is better for those who fall asleep with the TV on or who have a more noisy bedroom on average.The device can also be adjusted to have a high sensitivity. If you have a very quiet bedroom or want Smart Nora to activate as soon as it hears the beginning of a snore, this setting is right for you.


Once you turn Smart Nora on, you can set it to delay 30 minutes before it starts to listen for snores. This setting is almost universally applicable, whether you take some time to fall asleep or you like to read for a few minutes before bed.


If you find that you can’t get used to the height that Smart Nora expands to, you can reduce it somewhat with the pillow height adjustment setting. The “low” setting raises your head by about three inches, while the “high” setting raises it by about four inches.

Smart Nora recommends starting on “medium,” and increasing to “high” for best results if possible.

Who Can Use Smart Nora?

Because Smart Nora addresses the root cause of snoring (a relaxed airway), it’s effective for all types of snorers. If you aren’t sure if you’re a “nose” or “mouth” snorer, Smart Nora will work just as well for you as it does for someone who’s tried many different options.

However, it’s important to note that the Smart Nora may not be suitable for everyone. There are several important considerations to take into account before you decide whether Smart Nora is for you.

Is Smart Nora effective?

Like all snoring solutions, Smart Nora is more effective for some people than others. Fortunately, the device comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can send it back for a full refund if you test it out and decide it’s not for you.

Here’s what CBS’s “Try before you buy it” series had to say about Smart Nora:

Multiple factors can influence how well the Smart Nora works for you, including:

  • How lightly you sleep
  • How lightly your partner sleeps
  • How quiet your bedroom is
  • Whether you like to hug or flip your pillow during the night

The Smart Nora website recommends trying out the device for a minimum of two weeks before deciding whether it works for you. At first, you might be woken up a few times in the night by the movement of the pillow insert. As long as you’re not a very light sleeper, however, you should get used to the motion within a week or so.

Does Smart Nora work for sleep apnea?

Smart Nora is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose or treat sleep apnea. Some people with sleep apnea might find that Smart Nora effectively reduces their snoring, while others might not have sufficient reduction of their symptoms.

For those who suffer from sleep apnea, the Smart Nora might be a welcome break from devices that cause jaw soreness or only allow you to sleep on your back. As with all medical conditions, it’s best to ask a doctor about treatment options and whether Smart Nora could work for you.

Does it stop snoring?

If you’ve tried a wide variety of snoring solutions, Smart Nora could be an excellent option for you. Although there is some risk of sleep interruption, this device is much less invasive than other common snoring aids, such as mouthpieces or nose inserts.

Many people with sleep apnea have found that after a period of adjustment, Smart Nora was highly effective in reducing their snoring. If you tend to wake your partner up multiple times every night with your snoring, this device could reduce the volume and frequency of your snoring and allow both you and your partner to get a better night’s rest.

Pros of Smart Nora

  • Non-invase
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Customizable sensitivity works in both quiet and noisy bedrooms
  • 30-minute delay setting lets you fall asleep before Smart Nora activates
  • Long-lasting and durable

Cons of Smart Nora

  • Takes a few nights to get used to
  • Disruptive to light sleepers
  • Pump makes a slight noise during activation
  • Not suitable for people who hug or flip their pillow during the night
  • Expensive

The Bottom Line

Smart Nora is a premium snoring solution that can be highly effective for deep sleepers and their partners. It has several features that make it an unobtrusive and convenient option, from variable sensitivity levels to a 30-minute delay timer.

On the other hand, Smart Nora is probably not right for light or restless sleepers. Some reviewers found that they were unable to acclimate to the movement of their pillow and woke up multiple times a night for as long as they used it.

Although Smart Nora comes with a hefty price tag of $359, its money-back guarantee makes it a risk-free investment. Hopefully, this Smart Nora Review has made it easier for you to decide whether it’s right for you.