Waking up in the middle of the night to a loud snore is bothersome for anyone in the room, including the snoring individual. You might wonder if this phenomenon is normal. In fact, a large portion of the population has snoring issues. Depending on the underlying cause, it can be normal or a concern to bring up with your doctor. Discover the reasons behind snoring and if it’s normal for you.

Consider Physical Characteristics

Snoring is often associated with overweight people. The extra tissue around the face and neck creates weight on the airways as you lay down to rest. Inflammation might occur on a regular basis when this weight is part of the body. As a result, the throat doesn’t have a large airway and snoring becomes the norm.

Keep in mind that other anatomical differences can create snoring patterns too. People with deviated septums often snore, for instance. The nose has one airway that’s larger than the other. This issue arises when the nose is injured or it can be a genetic characteristic. For these individuals, snoring is normal.

The only solutions to physical characteristics and snoring is either losing weight or opting for nose surgery. These solutions may not eliminate the snoring altogether, but they can help with frequency and volume.

Examine Personal Habits

Snoring might be part of your world when you have specific sleeping positions. In general, sleeping on your back can cause snoring. Your tongue and surrounding tissues relax as you fall asleep. They fall back into your airway, which creates a narrow passageway. Snoring is the result.

Switching to a side position can open up those airways. Sleeping on your stomach should be avoided for most people.

Consider personal habits that should be changed, such as drinking too much alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Both of these habits irritate the throat and mouth. In fact, the tissues will often be inflamed, which leads to narrow airways and snoring.

Try to eliminate these personal habits that tend to have negative effects on the body. Your snoring might be eliminated entirely. At the very least, it can be calmed to a light sound that’s barely a snore during the night.

Know About Temporary Causes

Is snoring normal when it happens on an irregular basis? It can be normal in certain cases. Consider the scenario where your allergies are flaring up. You’re stuffed up with a runny nose. The inflammation in your mucous membranes can cause snoring.

As you lay down to sleep, the airways within your nose and throat are slightly closed off on a normal day. Add in the inflammation, and you have a recipe for temporary snoring.

Allergies, colds and other ailments can cause temporary snoring. As soon as you feel better, the snoring should abate. It becomes a benign side effect to your ailment.

Explore Warning Signals of Abnormal Snoring

Snoring isn’t normal when it’s loud and habitual. In fact, it’s usually associated with poor sleep patterns. If you wake up several times each night from a snore, that’s a concern. You might discover that you need to catch your breath in the middle of the night.

These restless signals mean that something else is going on. Sleep apnea is often the issue. This disorder is defined by regular stops and starts to your breathing patterns overnight. You might stop breathing for a few seconds during your sleep. This scenario isn’t normal, creates loud snoring and can be seriously harmful to your body.

Some people don’t realize that they snore or suffer from restless nights. Chronic sleepiness during the day, however, is a clear signal that you should seek medical help for your sleep patterns. You may not awaken enough during the night to recognize the problems.

Loud snoring can also indicate that an underlying medical issue is worsening. Strokes, heart disease and high blood pressure can be associated with abnormal snoring. Ideally, see your doctor about your snoring even if it isn’t incredibly loud. These diseases and disorders can sneak up on people if they’re overlooked.

For any other questions about snoring and sleeping habits, visit SleepApneaZone.com. Our site goes over every angle of the sleeping process. Is snoring normal? Find out for yourself with plenty of other information at your disposal.